My fondest childhood memories were my summers at Hawks Nest Beach – –

…rainbow cottage 64W and can’t recall the other. Our family stayed the longest, up to six weeks each summer. I fell asleep to the tide, woke to the foghorn and Bunce twins shouting “DOUGHNUTS!” Best I’ve ever had! I lived in bare feet, slept in a sandy bed, lived off grilled hotdogs and burgers, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and Mr. Softy cones for dessert. I can still feel the heat from that truck. We spent our days in the sand, tunneling under the cottages, swimming with rafts and rubber boats, lying on the beach, hunting for sea glass, putting on plays, singing dancing, crabbing on the Jetty, playing tennis. I took walks to Garvin’s store for caps and snakes and comic books and pixie sticks. After dinner we took walks on the beach, watched the sun fade, imagining the forbidden Sound View. We walked to the creek, crossed over to White Sands, hurrying back, imagining high tide rolling in and getting stranded! We had seances on the beach in front of our cottage. We rowed out in the dingy, sailed in the Sunfish; yes, It was difficult to return home. – Beth Brown

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